Dr Roseline Feechi Njoku-Tony


Dr Roseline Feechi Njoku-Tony

Senior Lecturer
Environmental Technology Department
Federal University of Technology Owerri
Email: roseline.njoku-tony@futo.edu.ng



  • March 2008   – PhD –  Medical Parasitology –  Imo State University Owerri
  • February 2004    –    M.Sc   –  Medical Parasitology and Entomology   –  Imo State University Owerri
  • May 18,1993   –   B.Sc (Ed)  –  Biology  –   Abia State University

Research Interests



Peer-reviewed Publications

(1)  Jude C. Anosike, Betram E. B Nwoke, Ikechukwu Dozie, Undine A, R Thofern, Anthony N, Okere, Roseline Njoku-Tony, Monica N Ezike, Ezekiel G Ajayi. (2003) Control of Endemic Dracunculiasis in Ebonyi State, South Eastern Nigeria. Int. J., Hyyg. And Environmental Health. Urban and Fischer Verlag. Elsevier  206, (6)591-596 ISSN: 1438- 4639

(2)  Jude C Anosike, Anthony N  Okere, Bartram E.B Nwoke, Dennis C Nwosu, Roseline F Njoku-Tony, Thaddeus U Ogwuike Godwin R.A Okogun; Monica N Ezike Chikezie U Obasi, and Martins U Dike (2003) Endemicity of Vesical Schistosomiasis in the EbonyiBenu River Valley South Eastern Nigeria, Int. J., Hyyg. And Environmental Health. Urban and Fischer Verlag. Elsevier  206, (3)205-210 ISSN:  1438-  4639.

(3) Anosike, J. C, Azoro, V.A, Nwoke B.E.., Keke, I.R., Okere, A.N, Njoku-Tony, R.F., Okoro, O.U., and Nwosu, D.C.(2003) Dracunculiasis in the North Eastern Border of Ebonyi State, South Eastern Nigeria. International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health: Urban and Fischer Verlag. Elsevier  Vol. 206, ()45  51 ISSN: 1438 -4639 

(4) R.F. Njoku-Tony; Nwoke, B.E.B (2009) Prevalence of Paramphistomiasis among sheep slaughtered in some selected abattoirs in Imo State, Nigeria.  Science World Journal Vol. 4 (No 4) Pp. 12-15.

(5)  R.F. Njoku-Tony; (2010) Prevalence of Paramphistomiasis among cattle slaughtered In some abattoirs in Imo      State.  International Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development (IJARD) Volume 12(2) PP 16 – 21

(6)  Njoku-Tony, R.F(2011) Effects of some physicochemical parameters on the abundance of intermediate snail vectors of Animal Trematodes in parts of Imo State. Researcher vol. 3 (4) pp 15-21

 (7) Njoku-Tony, R.F and Okoli, G.C (2011) Prevalence of fascioliasis among sheep slaughtered in selected abattoirs in Imo State, Nigeria. Journal of American Science. Vol 7(2):Page 361-366 ISSN 1545-1003. New York (USA)

(8)  Njoku-Tony, R.F (2011)Bovine fascioliasis among cattle slaughtered in some Selected abattoirs in  Imo State, Nigeria. World Rural Observations 3(1) page 59-63 ISSN:1944-6551. New York (USA)

(9)  Thaddeus Chidi  Nzeadibe, Raymond N.C, Anyadike,  Roseline F. Njoku-Tony (2012). A Mixed Method Approach To Vulnerability and Quality of Life  Assessment of Waste Picking In Urban Nigeria. Applied Research Quality Life. DOI 10.1007/s11482-012-9171-0.

(10) Thaddaeus Chidi Nzeadibe, Chukwuedozie Kelechukwu Ajaero, Emeka Emmanuel Okonkwo, Patrick Uche Okpoko, Thecla Iheoma Akukwe, and Roseline Feechi Njoku-Tony.(2015) Integrating Community Perceptions and cultural diversity in social impact assessment in Nigeria. Environmental  Impact Assessment Review, CrossMark Elsevier Vol 55 pp 74-83

(11) Uloma A Ihugba, Chris O Nwoko, Feechi R Tony Njoku, Adaeze A Ojiaku, Lucy Izunobi (2018) Heavy Metals Determination and Health Risk Assessment of Oyster Mushroom Pleurotus tuberregium (Fr.) Singer, Collected from Selected Markets in Imo State, Nigeria. Science and Education Publishing, Vol. 6 No 1, 22-27

(12) Nkwocha, E.E, Egejuru, R.O, Pat- Mbano, E.C, and Njoku-Tony, R.F(2011)  Proximity of Municipal Waste Dumpsites to Residential Neighbourhoods and rate of hospitalization for Malaria. International Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Research.ISSN 0976-2612 Vol 2, Issue1, 2011, pp 159-167.

(13) Njoku-Tony, R.F (2011)  Prevalence of Paramphistomiasis among goats slaughtered in some abattoirs in Imo State, Nigeria. World Rural Observations   3(1) pp 82-86 ISSN;1944-6543(print);ISSN: 1944-6551(online)

(14) Chris Obioma Nwoko*, Roseline Feechi Njoku-Tony, Peace Ugochiyerem Nlemedim, Uloma Audrey Ihugba (2018) Assessment of the Distribution Pattern of Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons Around Nekede Auto-mechanic Village, Imo State, Nigeria, Journal of Chemical, Environmental and  Biological Engineering   Science publishing group. Vol 2(3): 20-26   doi:1164/j.jcebe.20170203.11

(15) G.C. Okoli, D.H. Ogbuagu, C.L. Gilbert, S. Madu, R.F. Njoku-Tony. (2011)

Proximal Input of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHS) in Groundwater Sources of Okrika Mainland, Nigeria. Journal of Environmental Protection, Vol 2, pp 848-854.

(16) Nkwocha, E.E, Pat-Mbano, E.C and Tony-Njoku, R.F(2011)  Assessment of Heavy Metal Concentration in Food Crops Ground Around Etelebou Flow Station In Bayelsa State, Nigeria. International Journal Of Science and nature Vol.2(3) pp 665-67

(17) Dike Henry, Ngozi A.C. Chukwuocha, Chidiogo Grace Okoli and Roseline Feechi  Njoku-Tony. (2011)  Pelagial Primary Production of the Middle Reaches of Imo River in Etche, South Eastern Nigeria. Journal of Ecology and Natural Environment. Vol 3(2), PP 47-53 Feb, 2011  ISSN 2006 – 9849 © 2011 Academic Journal.

Professional Associations 

  • Member, Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria  (PPSN)
  • Member, Nigerian Environmental Society  (NES)
  • Member,  International Federation of University Women (IFUW)
  • Member, American Society for Parasitology (ASP)
  • Member, Society for Environmental Health (SEHON)
  • Member, Organization for Women in Science in Developing World  (OWSD).

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