Tpl. (Mrs) Ogechi Immaculata Okeoma


Tpl. (Mrs) Ogechi Immaculata Okeoma

Lecturer I
Urban and Regional Planning Department,




  1. PhD in view  –  Urban and Regional Planning  –  ABSU, Uturu
  2. 2008  –  M. URP   –  Urban and Regional Planning   –  UNN, Enugu
  3. 2001  –  B. URP  –   Urban and Regional Planning  –   IMSU, Owerri

Research Interests

  1. Waste Management and Sanitation
  2. Urban Renewal and Design
  3. Housing and Rural Development Planning


  • Pat-Mbano E.C., Alaka I.N. and Okeoma, I.O (2012). Examining the Physio, Psycho and Socio-Economic Implications of Non-Residential Policy on Imo State University Students. Canadian Social Science: Peer Reviewed Journal: ISSN 1712-8056 (Print) ISSN 1923-6697. Canada Vol. 8 (2), 30 April 2012 pp 170-179.
  • Nkwocha E.E., Pat-Mbano E.C. and Okeoma I.O (2012). Sanitation Indicators in the Rural Communities of South-Eastern Nigeria: Additional Evidence of Policy Failure in Rural Development. African Research Review: An International Multi-Disciplinary Journal, Ethiopia Vol. 6 (1), January 2012 pp 155-170.
  • Pat-Mbano E.C. and Okeoma I.O. (2010) Motorable Roads and the Transportation System in the Agricultural Zones of Imo State, Nigeria: The Missing Factor in Food Production and Distribution. International Journal of Development and Management Review (INJODEMAR) ISBN: 1597-9492 Vol.5 No. 1 June 2010 pp 109-116.
  • Pat-Mbano E.C., Osita-Njoku A.; Okeoma I.O.; Alaka I.N and Onuoha T.N. (2009). Socio-Economic Effects of Water Sources and Supply to Rural Dwellers in South Eastern Nigeria. Journal of Environmental Research and Policies Vol. 4 No. 2.
  • Okeoma I.O. and Pat-Mbano, E.C. (2008). The Impact of Festivals on Food Consumption and Recreation in Eastern Nigeria: A Case Study of Owerri Urban. Lagos Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies (LaJIS) Vol. 6, 2008, etc.

Awards Received

Best Graduating Student in Urban and Regional Planning, IMSU (2000/2001)

Professional Associations

  • Member, Nigerian Institute of Town Planners (NITP)
  • Member, Town Planners Registration Council of Nigeria (TOPREC)

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