Engr. Ejeta Kennedy O.

Engr. Kennedy O. Ejeta

Lecturer I
Bioengineering and Biomedical Technology
Department of Biomedical Technology, School of Health Technology, Federal University of
Technology, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

Tel: +2348038795184,
E-mail: koejeta@yahoo.co.ukkennedy.ejeta@futo.edu.ng



Engineer K. O Ejeta, a Fellow of College of Biomedical Engineering and Technology teaches Students of Biomedical Technology and Health professionals application of engineering principles to a biological system with a research interest in Biomedical materials, nanomaterials and Tissue engineering.

♦   Fellowship of College of Biomedical Engineering & Technology (FCBET)  - 2014
♦   Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Odumegu Ojukwu University Uli, Anambra State (in view)  - 2018
♦   Master’s Degree (M.Eng.) University of Benin Edo State.  - 2007
♦   Diploma, Computer Science – Ogun State University Consultancy Services Ago-Iwoye.  - 1996
♦   BSc (Hons) University of Calabar, Cross River State   -  1994
♦   Higher School Certificate (HSC)  –  Hussey College Warri, Delta State.  - 1988
♦   West African GCE (O/L)  -  Owhere Grammar School Okpara W/S, Delta State  - 1986
♦   First School Leaving Cert. – Inweh Primary School Eku, Delta State  - 1981

Area of Specialization

He has 10 years experience in industrial research and Lecturer, Dept. of Biomedical Tech., Federal University of  Technology Owerri, from  2009 to–Date. Taught courses included Bioengineering materials, Genetic and Tissue Engineering, Biomedical Telemetry and Biomedical Devices Design and Manufacturing.

 Mobil Scholarship for Academic Performance (1990 -1993)
 SOHT honour's award for outstanding service to FUTO 2017

Professional Membership
 Member, Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE)
 Member, Nigerian Institute of Biomedical Engineering & Tech. (NIBE)
 Member International Federation For Medical Physics & Bio. Engineering
 Member Research and Development Networks

Member of  NSChE

Areas of Research Interest:
 Biomaterials
 Nanotechnology
 Tissue Engineering
 Corrosion in Biomedical Implants

 Chemical Material Engineering
 Computer Applications in Biomedical Engineering
 Design of Biomedical Devices
 Thermofluid for Health Professionals
 Transport Phenomena
 Bioprocess Technology
 Biopharmaceutical Technology

 Lecturer I, Federal University of Technology, Owerri - (2016-Till date).
 Lecturer II, Federal University of Technology, Owerri - (2013-2016).
 Assistant Lecturer, Federal University of Technology, Owerri - (2009-2013).
 Logistic/Project Officer, Delta State Independent Electoral Comm - (2007 -2009).
 Education Officer, Ogun State Min. Edu. Sci & Tec.  - (1996 -1999)
 Quality Control Officer, Odutola Food Ind. Ijebu-Ode Ogun State  - (1994 -1995 (NYSC)

♦  Academic Advisor   -  2010 – Date
♦  Dept. Examination Officer   -  2012 – Date
♦  Member Student Ind. Work Ex. Scheme (SIWES) Committee   -  2010/2011, 2013/2014
♦  Member SOHT Research Team   -  2015 – Date
♦  Member NIBE-FUTO Linkage Committee   -  2016
♦  Member SOHT lecture Series   -  2015- Date
♦  Member Committee For Intellectual Products   -  2012, 2013
♦  State Computer Program Co-ord., Ogun State Min. Edu. Sci. & Tech.   -  1998 – 1999

Human Capacity Development
Attended and Participated in One International Conf. & Ten National Conferences  -  2013 – 2016
Has 17 Publications ( International referred Journals + Conference Papers)

Community Services
Resource Person, skill acquisition training for Ihiagwa Youths  -  Nov. 5 -6, 2010
Resource Person, skill acquisition training for Okolochi Youths   -  April. 4 -5, 2011

Resource Person, skill acquisition training for WCF FUTO   -  Nov. 11, 2011.


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S.C. Uzoechi, K.O.Ejeta, G.C. Okoye, G.I. Ndubuka, P.U. Agbasi and B.I. Nkem (2015). “Directing Chondrogenesis of Primary Chondrocytes by Exposure to Glucose Concentrations”, .J. Biomat & Biomed Eng. 24:30-42. Available online

S.C. Uzoechi, G.C. Okoye, K.O. Ejeta, B.I. Nkem and G.I. Ndububa (2014). “Effect of Strontium Enhanced Calcium Phosphate Coating on In-Vitro Behaviour of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell (hMSC)”, J. Biomat & Biomed. Eng. 21:35-44. Available

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Iwuji SC, Nwafor A, Egwurugwu J, Ejeta K, and Akpan U. (2013). Comparative Characterization of the Phytomedicinal Constituents of Cridocolusaconitifolus Leaf Extract”, American J. Pharm. Tech. 3(1):779-784.

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K.O. Ejeta, G.A Dolor and I Amadi (2012). ‘Design and Fabrication of An Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation Disinfection System for Domestic Water Treatment as a means of improving healthcare in Developing Countries”, Int.J. Med. Sci Research.

K.O. Ejeta and R.O. Ebewele (2008) Development of Heavy Duty liquid Detergent by combining a Binary mixture of surfactants with Addictives in the same formulation”, Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineering 38th Annual National proceedings.
Conference Papers

Nkuma-Udah K.I., Ndubuka GIN, Ejeta K.O. (2016). “A model for the Development of A school of Biomedical Engineering and Technology”, 1 st Int. Cong. on Health Sci. & Tech Proceedings.

Azeez T.O., Iwuji. S.C, Alma Banigo and Ejeta O.K. (2016) “Optimizing Biodegradation of Pyrene using pseudomonas putrid”, 1st cong. On Health Sci & Tech. proceedings.

K.I. Nkuma-Udah, K. Ejeta, G.I, Ndubuka and E.E.C Agoha, (2015). “Biomedical Engineering in Nigeria: a developmental Overview’, WC Med. Phy and Biomed. Eng. IFMBE Proceedings.

K.I. Nkuma-Udah, G.A. Chukwudebe, J. Ahaiwe, K. Ejeta and G.I Ndubuka (2015). ‘Developing an Appropriate and affordable Expert System for Medical Diagnosis (ESMD) in Developing Countries”.  WC Med. Phy and Biomed, Eng. IFMBE Proceedings.

K.I. Nkuma-Udah, EEC Agoha, G.I. Ndubuka, O.G. Osuagwu, S.C. Iwuji and K. Ejeta (2011). “Strengthening of Developing Countries Biomedical Engineering by the Developed Countries: the Engineering World Health Example, M. Long (Ed)”, WC Med. Phy and Biomed. Eng. IFMBE Proceedings 39, Pp. 1704 – 1707. Available online@www.springerlin.com

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