Biomedical Technology Staff

Academic Staff

NameQualificationRankField of specialization
Prof. G. C. OkoyeMB.BS, M.Sc., PhDProfessorBioengineering and Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr G. I. N. NdubukaM.Sc., PhDReaderPathology, Bioinstrumentation &Tissue Engineering
Dr C. G. OsuagwuM.Sc., PhDReaderMedical Biochemistry
Dr P. C. NjokuM.Sc., PhDReaderElectronics and Biomedical Engineering
Dr. (Mrs.) Ngozi M. IgbohM.Sc., PhDReaderChemistry and Chemical Pathology
Dr C. E. Orji M.Sc., PhDReaderMedical Physics
Dr S.C. IwujiM.Sc., PhDSenior Lecturer & Ag.HODPhysiology and Safety Pharmacology
Dr J. DanielM.Sc., PhDSenior LecturerPhysiotherapy and Rehabilitation medicine
Engr. (Dr. M. S.)  Nwakaudu. M.Sc., PhDSenior LecturerChemical & Polymer Engineering
Dr C. K. EnenebeakuM.Sc., PhDSenior LecturerChemistry
Dr C. S. AlisiM.Sc., PhDSenior LecturerMedical Biochemistry
Dr K. I. Nkumah – UdahB. Eng., MB.BS, M.Sc. PhD in viewLecturer IBiomedical Electronics and Instrumentation, Bioinformatics
Dr. (Sr.) T. AneleMB.BSLecturer IMedical Imaging and Biosafety
Engr. T. O. AzeezB. Tech, M.Eng.,

PhD in view

Lecturer IBiomaterials, Chemical Engineering and Biomechanics
Engr. (Dr.) N. C. IheaturuB. Eng. M.Sc., PhDLecturer IIBiomaterial and Polymer Engineering
Engr. K. O. EjetaB.Sc., M. Eng., PhD in viewLecturer IIChemical Engineering and Biomaterials
Dr I. C. IwuM.Sc., PhDLecturer IOrganic Chemistry
Engr. Okozi SamuelB.Sc., M.Sc.,

PhD in view

Lecturer IIElectrical and Electronics
Mr S. UzoechiB. Tech, M.Sc., PhD in viewAssistant LecturerTissue Engineering
Ms A. BanigoB.Sc., M.Sc., PhD in viewAssistant LecturerClinical Engineering
Mr W.C. OkaforB. Sc., M. Sc., PhD in viewAssistant LecturerTissue Engineering
Ms C.C. Okey- Mbata, B. Sc., M. Sc., PhD in viewAssistant LecturerBiomedical Engineering
Mr E. C. NwosuB. Tech, M.Sc. PhD in viewGraduate AssistantBioengineering


Technical Staff

Name                                                 Rank

Mr C. Onyekokwu, B.Sc.       –      Senior Laboratory Instrumentation Technologist

Mr M.O. Mbah, FCBN           –      Principal Medical Instrumentation

Mr R. Nwacha, B.MLS           –      Laboratory Technologist

Mrs J. C. N. Chinaeke            –      Technologist I

Mrs A. Imoh                            –       Laboratory Assistant Technologist.

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