Dr. Arigbede Abiodun Olabisi


Senior Lecturer


Quality of life of patients with the surgically acquired maxillary defect and or missing teeth as it relates to aesthetics, mastication, speech, oral comfort and psychological well being diminishes significantly as the size of defect increases and or number of missing teeth increases, but this could be reversed following rehabilitation with maxillary obturator or denture respectively. Dr AO Arigbede research interest revolves around the impact of prosthetic treatment on oral functionality and comfort. He also focuses on properties of dental materials and their biocompatibility.


Recipient of IADR Toshio Nakao Fellowship Award (2007) for training in dental materials science at the University of Manchester Biomaterials Research Group Laboratory

Membership of professional bodies

  • Fellow West African College of Surgeons, 2004
  • Fellow National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria, 2004
  • Fellow Institute of Industrial Administration of Nigeria, 2011


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  • Accepted Publication
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