Maduabuchi Edmund Okorie

Maduabuchi Edmund Okorie,    PhD

Lecturer 1

Department of Optometry
Federal University of Technology Owerri



Dr. M.E.Okorie is a Nigerian- trained and practicing Optometrist, Pharmacologist and University lecturer.

The primary concern of every health-care practitioner is the maintenance or improvement of health via the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease, illness, injury and other physical and mental impairments in human beings.

Dr. Okorie’s health care practice and research interests cuts across clinical and experimental optometry, including areas such as glaucoma, diabetes -related eye diseases, corneal bio-mechanical properties, and refractive development. His current research is on drug- induced nephrotoxicity and renoprotective phyto-medicines.


  • ♦  A.S.C,1980, Mbaise Secondary School, Aboh-Mbaise
  • ♦  O.N.D.,1983, Optometry & Dispensing, College of Technology Nekeke Owerri.
  • ♦  O.D.,1999, Doctor of Optometry, Abia State University, Uturu
  • ♦  M.Sc.2011, Pharmacology, Abia State University Uturu
  • ♦  PhD, in view,2013-Pharmacology &Toxicology, Nnamdi Azikiwe University
  • ♦  Fellow, in view, 2012, Ocular Health, Nigerian Postgraduate College of Optometrists.


 ♦  Lecturer, Department of Optometry FUTO, 2005 till Date.

♦  Lecturer, Department of Optometry Madonna University Elele.

♦  Senior Optometrist, Niger Optical Services Company Limited Enugu - 2000-2003.

♦  Director, Evangel Eye Clinic, Nnobi Anambra State - 1990-1993.

♦  Optometrist, United Optical Services Limited, Nnewi - 1989.

♦  Optometrist, Niger Optical Services Co. Ltd. Aba - 1983-1987.

♦  Industrial Trainee, Guinness Eye Unit, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital Kaduna  - 1981.


♦  Acting, Associate Dean, School of Health Technology, FUTO  - 2013-2014.

♦  Member, Representing SOHT University Examination Misconduct Committee FUTO  -  2010/2011/2012.

♦  Examination/Time Table Officer, Department of Optometry FUTO  - 2005-2010,2015/2016.

♦  Coordinator Community Eye Health Programme, Department of Optometry FUTO  -  2013/2014.

♦  SIWES Coordinator,Department of Optometry FUTO  -  2007/2008,2013/2014.

♦  Head, Department of Optometry, Madonna University Okija/Elele, Campus  - 2004/2005.


  • ♦  TETfund Ph.D Scholarship  - 2013.


  • ♦  Nigerian Optometric Association
  • ♦  Nigerian College of Optometrists


  • Igwe, S. A. Akunyili, D. N. and Okorie, M. E. (2008) The Effect of Oral Levodopa on the Visual Acuities of Nigerian Amblyopes//Journal of Health and Visual Science; 9 (1-2): 17-22.

  • Okorie, M.E. and Emerole, C. O. (2010) Drug-induced Acute Hyperopia in a Diabetic Patient: A Case Report // Journal of Health Science and Technology; 2010: 137 -139.

  • Okorie, M.E.Esenwah E. C., Ahuama, O. C. (2013) Biochemical Mechanisms of Drug-induced Refractive Changes// International Journal of Environmental Health and Human Development; 4 (2):9-15.

  • Okorie, O. M.,Amadi, A.N., Okorie, M. E.Amadi, C. O. A., Iwuagwu, O. U., and Uduji, G. O. (2013) Appraisal of Hand washing and Anal Cleansing Practices in some Rural and Urban Communities in Imo State Nigerian // International Journal and Environmental Health and Human Development; 14 (2): 26-30.

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  • Juddy, A. U., Esenwah, E. C., Ikoro N. C., Azuamah, Y.C., George, G. O Okorie, M.E., Daniel-Nwosu E. M., Nwakamma G. (2014): Effect of Caffeinated Coffee on Tear Production // International Journal of Research (IJR) 1 (9): 1264-1268.

  • Azuamah, Y. C., Amadi A. N., Esenwah, E. C., Agu, G. C. and Okorie, M.E., (2015) Age and Gender Variation of Visual impairment in the Distribution of Cataract in Ehime-Mbano Imo State Nigeria//International Journal of Research (IJR); 2 (3) 712-700.

  • Azuama, Y. C., Amadi, A. N., Esenwah, E.C., Agu, G. C., Okorie, M.E., (2015) Co-occurrence of Systemic Hypertension and Glaucoma in South East Nigeria //International Journal of Research (IJR): 704-711.

  • Okorie, M.E., Nweke, I.N., Ahuama, O.C., Azuama, Y. C., Unekwe, P. C. (2015) Refractive Power and Blood Glucose Changes: Studies in Alloxan- Induced and Insulin Treated Diabetic Rabbits//International Journal of Research (IJR): 2 (3): 728-736.

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