Department of Optometry

About us


To facilitate the enhancement and development of eye and vision care through exemplary leadership in training, practice and research.


To produce a total Optometrist that is resourceful, knowledgeable and skilful in the creation and use of technologies for the amelioration of visual defects.


The vision of this Department is to employ the latest cutting-edge technology in the training of highly skilled, knowledgeable and research-oriented Optometrists that will be of great service to mankind.


The objectives of this programme include:-
  • To produce Doctors of Optometry with sound knowledge of the profession, its ethics and codes of conduct.
  • To produce Optometrists who will provide the much-needed manpower in the eye care profession.
  • To produce Optometrists that will meet internationally recognized standards and undertake training towards post-graduate specialization.
  • To train and cultivate in them the ability to teach, conduct research and make advances in the profession for the benefit of mankind.
Duration of Study
Optometry is a 6–Year programme leading to the award of the Doctor of Optometry, OD, degree.

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