Dr. Godwin Obinna Udujih


Dr Udujih Godwin Obinna

Assistant Lecturer


A lecturer in the department of public health technology with a b.sc in zoology, m.sc in medical parasitology and entomology and PhD in medical parasitology, all from Imo state university, Owerri. interested in epidemiology, survey and diagnosis especially in the studies of malaria. happily married with two children.

Academic and Professional Qualification

  • Bachelor of science (B.Sc) in zoology (2000).
  • Master of science (m.sc) in medical parasitology and entomology (2004).
  • Doctor of philosophy (ph.d) in medical parasitology (2011).


  • (2006): UKAGA, C.N., NWOKE, B.E.B., ONYEKA, P.I.K., ANOSIKE, J.C., UDUJIH, O.G., UDUJIH, O.S., OBILOR, R.C. and NWACHUKWU, M.I.: The Use of Herbs In Malaria Treatment In Parts Of Imo State, Nigeria. Tanzania Health Research Bulletin. 8 (3): 183 – 185.
  • (2007): UKAGA, C.N., NWOKE, B.E.B., UDUJIH, O.S., UDUJIH, O.G., OHAERI, A.A., ANOSIKE, J.C., UDUJIH, B.U., and NWACHUKWU, M.I.: Placental Malaria in Owerri, Imo State, South-Eastern Nigeria. Tanzania Health Research Bulletin. 9 (3): 180 – 185.
  • (2010): CHUKWUOCHA, U.M., DOZIE, I.N.S., ONWULIRI, C.O.E., UKAGA, C.N., NWOKE, B.E.B., NWAOKORO, J.C., UDUJIH, O.G., IWUALA, C.C., OHAJI, E.T., MORAKINYO, O.M. and ADINDU, B.C.: Perceptions on the use of Insecticide Treated Nets In Parts of The Imo River Basin, Nigeria: Implications for Preventing Malaria in Pregnancy. African Journal of Reproductive Health. 14(1):117-128.
  • (2011): CHUKWUOCHA, U.M., DOZIE, I.N.S., ASHIEGBU, K.K., ONWULIRIR, C.O.E., AGUWA, O.C., NWOKE, E.A., UDUJIH, O.G., NWOKORO, J.C. and NWAUME, I.C.: Influence On Immunity to Plasmodium falciparum Malaria Among Women In Parts Of The Imo River Basin Nigeria. African Journal of Clinical and Experimental Microbiology. 12(1):26-31.
  • (2011): ONYEKA, P.I.K., JEROME, G., ANYASODOR, A.E., OBIUKWU, C.E., UWAEZUOKE, J.C. and UDUJIH, G.O.: The Prevalence of Intestinal Helminthes in Onchocerciasis Endemic Areas of Ezinachi Communities in Okigwe L.G.A. of Imo State, Nigeria. Journal of Health Sciences and Technology. 1: 47-54.
  • (2011): ONYEKA, P.I.K., OZUMBA, N.A., ANYASODOR, A.E., OBIUKWU, C.E., UWAZUOKE, J.C., UDUJIH, O.S., NWABUEZE, E.U. and UDUJIH, G.O.: Prevalence of Recurrent Malaria In HIV Patients. Journal of Health Sciences and Technology.1: 79-84.
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