Dr. Uwatoronye Cajetan Nwadinigwe


Dr Nwadinigwe Uwatoronye Cajetan

Lecturer I

Academic and Professional Qualification

  • St. Mary’s primary school Assah- Ubirielem
  • Ihitenansa secondary school
  • St. Theresa’s College Nsukka
  • National Orthopaedic Hospital Enugu.
  • The University of Hongkong
  • University of Cologne, Germany.


  • Champion, Nsukka zonal Science Quiz competition
  • University of Nigeria foundation bursary award
  • Panshin LGA Award for Excellence in Community Service
  • Plateau State Merit Award for Excellence Community Service.
  • ARD NOHE Awards for Dedication to Training Resident Doctors
  • Enugu Rotary Club award for excellence in community service

Membership of professional bodies

  • Member, Nigerian Medical Association.
  • Member, Nigeria Orthopedic Association.
  • Member, Medical and Dental Consultant Association of Nigeria.
  • Member, SICOT.
  • Member AOspine
  • Fellow, West African College of Surgeons


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  • Nwadinigwe CU, Amaefule K, Ezike HA. Anaesthetic requirement in spinal cord injured patients undergoing operation below the level of cord injury. Nigerian journal of medicine 2011 vol.20(2): p220-3

Working Experience

  • Physical assessment in orthopedics
  • Introduction to prosthetics and orthopedic Technology 1
  • Introduction to prosthetics and orthopedic Technology 2
  • Orthopedic equipment and facility design
  • Basic orthopedics 1
  • Research projects in POT
  • Clinic posting and practice
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