Mr Chisomaga Chiwuikem Eke

Mr Chisomaga Chiwuikem Eke

BSc M.Sc (Anatomy)

Rank: Lecturer II


Focus:  Anatomy, Neuroscience


  1. A publication: Effects of Piper guineense (Schumach) Leaf and XylopiaaethiopicaSeed Extracts on Gastric Acid Secretion in Ibuprofen-Treated Wistar Rats, O. Agbai, C. J. Njoku, C. O. Nwanegwo, P. C. Onyebuagu, J. Ekezie, C. C. Eke and A. C. Arthur, British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, vol15(5): Article no. BJPR. 29150, 2017
  2. A publication: Piper guineenseLeaf Extract Elevates Serum Follicle Stimulating Hormone Level in the Diestrus Phase in Non-Pregnant Female Albino Wistar Rats, O. Agbai, P. C. Onyebuagu1, C. J. Njoku, J. Ekezie, C. C. Eke, C. O. Nwanegwoand A. C. NwaforJournal of Complementary and Alternative Medical Research vol2(4) Article no.JOCAMR.31664, 2017
  3. A publication: Lower Extremity Measurements in the Prediction of Body Height of the Igbos; Jervas E; Anele TI, Uloneme GC, Okeke CU, Iwuoha G, Eke CC, Osuchukwu IW.Anthropol Open J. 1(1): 15-22. 2016.
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  5. A publication: Effects of Methanolic Extract of Carica Papaya Fruit on Sperm Morphology, Quantity and Motility in Male Wistar Rat. Leko Bankole J, Eke Chisomaga C, NwodoNdubuisi F and Enu-Rayce Churchill M. International journal of advancement in development studies, volume 9, Number 1, pp 41 – 46, 2014
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  7. A publication: A Craniometric Study of Adult Humans Skulls from Southwestern Nigeria: S.A. Adejuwon, O.T. Salawu, C. Eke, W. Femi-Akinlosotu and A.B. Odaibo. Asian Journal of Medical Sciences 3(1): 23-25, 2011

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