Mr Udoka Chukwubike Okeke

Mr Okeke Udoka Chukwubike

Assistant Lecturer


Academic and Professional Qualification

  • Masters of Science 2007
  • PhD (in progress)
  • Associate Institute of Medical Lab Science 1994, Fellows Institute of Medical Lab Science.


  • Okeke C. U. and Braide S. A. (2009): Effect of injectable hormonathe l contraceptives on lipid profile of Nigerian women living in coastal city, Port Harcourt Nigeria. Journal of medical laboratory sciences of Nigeria volume 18 No (1).
  • Okeke, C. U, Braide S.A, Ekezie, J., Okwandu N. B (under peer review); Influence of age on lipid profile in women taking hormonal contraceptives. International Journal of Biological and Chemical Science.
  • Okwandu N.B., Okeke C. U and Onuha S.C. (2010); Comparative Effects of Vitamin C and Vitamin E Pre-treatment in induced Acute Paracetamol Hepatotoxicity in Wister Rats. Conference paper on 30th Annual National Conference (Kebbi 2010) by Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
  • Okwanndu N.B., Wakwe A. A., Muonago C. C. Onuoha S.C., Okeke C. U. (2011). Effects of some Anti-Histamine on plasma Acid Phosphatase and Lactate. Dehydrogenase activity in Rats. Journal of life and Environmental science. (Under review)
  • Okwandu, N.B., Wakwe A.A., Muonago C.C. Ifemeji C. J. Onuoha S. C. Okeke C. U (2011): effects of some Anti-histamine on Erythrocyte Aspartate Transaminase and Alkaline Transaminase activity in Wister Albino Rats. Iranian Journal of Blood and Cancer. (Under review)
  • Okeke C.U., Braide S.A., Okoronkwo B. N.,Okafor R.A., Eneh P. U., Brown H., Adegoke A. Okwandu B. N. comparative effects of injectable and Oral contraceptives on lipid profile. Journal of European Medical Cardiology. (Under review)

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