Mr Tochukwu Nze Ugorji


Mr Tochukwu Nze Ugorji

B.Tech. M.Sc, Ph.D (in-view)


Rank: Assistant Lecturer

Focus: Prosthetics and Orthotics, Biomedical Technology


  1. Ukaibe S.N., Ugorji T.N., et al.,: Epidemiology and pattern of osteoarthritis, British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research 7(10):827-832, 2015.
  2. Ugorji Tochukwu Nze, Osuagwu Chidi Gideon., Ekezie Jervas., Igwe Alice., Okafor Wilson: Design and Fabrication of Improved Below-knee Prosthesis to Batter Mimic Natural Limb, Current Trends in Biomedical Engineering and Biosciences 10(2):555781, 2017.

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