Department of Chemistry

About us


Our vision is to be a world class department known by its high reputation in teaching and research that enhances excellence, innovation and discovery thereby attracting high class students and staff worldwide.  Graduates of Chemistry Department are expected to be productive members in our National Economic Development and any other country they find themselves.  In this way every graduate of this department will produce his or her full capacity in areas such as oil exploration, mineral processes, mining and in government economic analysis.  Therefore, a graduate of department of chemistry is a person who will be able to function to full capacity in contributing to further development of this country.


Our courses are designed such that the students are not only given basic understanding of material transformation but they are also grounded and equipped with the capacity to add value to existing material management.  We aspire to values which are based on the highest professional and academic standards in terms of personal growth and satisfaction offered to our staff and students and also teamwork that is based on respect, trust and integrity, and innovation to promote growth and value to our research sponsors.

A Brief History of the Department

The Academic programme of Chemistry Department started in 1981 under the Chemical Sciences and Technology sub-discipline.  This sub-discipline was one of the five programme areas in the School of Natural and Applied Sciences, SNAS. The Chemistry Department headed by DR. C.I. Anunuso started Academic Activities in 1981/82 session with 18 students.  These pioneer students graduated during the 1985/86 session with B.Tech. (Hon.) degree in Industrial Chemistry.

As consequence of reorganizations, the Industrial Chemistry programme area attained the status of an Academic Department in 1988/89 session.  The academic curricula were based on the NUC Minimum Academic Standards. During the first Accreditation Visitation by NUC between 10th and 14thDecember, 1990, the Department of Chemistry earned full accreditation status for two options of Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) in Pure Chemistry and B. Tech. in Industrial Chemistry.  In the 1997/98 session, the Department of Chemistry graduated seventy (70) candidates in these two degree options compared with eighteen (18) candidates in 1988/89.  In 2005/2006 academic session the final year class contained 216 candidates out of which 111 candidates graduated. Since then, the Department has been graduating students between 100 and 200 in number up to last graduation.

History of the Postgraduate Programme in the Department

Post Graduate Programmes in Analytical Chemistry leading to the M.Sc and Ph.D were approved by Senate for the Department of Chemistry in 1990. In 1992 Programmes in Mineral Processing leading to M.Sc and Ph.D were approved by Senate. In 2002 Programmes in Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry leading to degrees of M.Sc and Ph.D were approved by Senate. In 2007, programmes in Environmental Chemistry, leading to M.Sc and Ph.D were approved by Senate. Other programmes approved in the same package with Environmental Chemistry were:  M.Sc/M.Tech in Chemical Quality Control and Industrial Safety and PGD Programmes in Environmental Chemistry and in Quality Control for Chemical Industries. Accordingly the student registration has increased from three (3) in 1989 to fifty six (56) in 2013. The Department is obliged to manage this growth process responsibly and positively.

Past Heads of Department
S/N Names Duration
1. Dr. C.I Anunuso 1981  – 1990
2. Dr. C. A. Eligwe 1991  – 1993
3. Mr. O. Ofor 1994 – 1996
4. Prof A. I. Onuchukwu 1996  – 2000
5. Prof. C. I. Anunuso 2000  – 2001
6. Prof. R. I. Ngochindo 2001  – 2003
7. Dr. G. N. Onuoha 2003 – 2004
8. Dr. E.N.O. Ejike 2004 – 2008
9. Prof. E.N.O. Ejike 2008 –  2009
10. Dr. P. C. Njoku 2009 –  2011
11. Prof. U. U. Egereonu 2011 –  2013
12. Dr. J.I. Alinnor 2013 –  2015
13. Prof. J.I. Alinnor 2015 –  2016
14. Prof. M.O.C. Ogwuegbu 2016 –  2019
15. Prof.(Mrs) C. E. Ogukwe 2019 –  Date


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