Mr A.U. Nkwoada





PROFILE: Nkwoada Amarachi Udoka works at the Department of Chemistry, Federal University of Technology Owerri. Nkwoada does research in Environmental Chemistry and materials chemistry. Their current Primary project is Nano-Polymer Composite Materials with secondary research interest on ‘Chemical combustion and Emission.’ and tertiary research interest on heavy metals.

ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE: Lecturer and Researcher since 2013/2014 academic session

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Lecturer and Administrative officer: Class Adviser and Welfare Chairman Department of Chemistry and Chemistry Representative at SOPS faculty welfare board.



Composite materials

Polymeric materials

Graphene/Graphene oxide

Atmospheric emissions

Heavy metals



Lecturer and Researcher Undergraduate student


2013/2014: PhD Study fellowship Award

2017/2018: TETFUND PhD Award for Foreign bench work



Member Chemical Society of Nigeria

Member Royal Society of Chemistry Britain



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