Prof. Ubaezue U. Egereonu

UU Egereonu





Prof Egereonu has over 25 years’ experience in chemistry and has published in several peer-reviewed journals. He is also a reviewer to Journal of Chemical Society of Nigeria and Journal of Applied Chemistry India and AMSE International Journal India. He has over 3000 citations and external examiner to the Department of Pure and Industrial chemistry undergraduate and post-graduate students at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He has been a member of several university committees

Prof U.U Egereonu Inaugural Lecture was titled Analytical Assessment of atmospheric residual aerosol in the environment. He is an accomplished environmentalist and a professor of environmental/analytical chemistry. He is a member of Public Analyst of Nigeria (MIPAN), a Chartered Chemist (C.Chem.), a fellow of the Chemical Society of Nigeria (FCSN) and a fellow of health and natural resources of Nigeria (FHNRN). He had been the Head of Chemistry department in the school of Physical Sciences of FUTO from 2011-2013.


Prof U.U Egereonu is well-researched and has graduated several PhD students, MSc Students and Undergraduates. His intensive work in the areas of Environment and Analytical chemistry earned him the position of a Professor of Environmental /Analytical chemistry.  He was a senior environmental adviser to Shell petroleum development company Port-Harcourt for a period of 2006 to 2007. and also a pioneer of the Governing Council of Crawford University, Igbesa, Ogun state from 2005-2007 during his sabbatical leave. Prof Ubareze Ugochukwu Egereonu is a sportsman and has won, then Nigerian Tennis Championship. together with his wife they also won the mixed doubles table tennis championship.


Analytical Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry


Atmospheric chemistry


Surface water

Soil and Vegetation


Prof U.U Egereonu has garnered over 26 years of experience in chemistry.

Lecturer and Researcher undergraduate courses

Lecturer and Research Postgraduate courses

Lecturer and Researcher Masters students

Lecturer and researcher PhD students


Fellow of the Chemical Society of Nigeria (FSCN)

Fellow of the Institute of Health and Natural Resources (FIHNR)


Member of the Chemical Society of Nigeria (MCSN)

Member of the Institute of Chartered Chemist of Nigeria (MICCN)

Member of the Institute of Public analyst of Nigeria (MIPAN)


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