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Geology is the branch of Earth science concerned with exploring and analyzing active processes of the Earth through physical measurements. Though geology is broadly defined as the quantitative study of the earth, it is a field that integrates geophysics, mathematics, biology and physics in order to understand the fundamental principles of the earth. While there are a diverse number of sub-disciplines within the field including petroleum/sedimentology, geophysics, structural geology, economic geology, petrology, hydrogeology, hydrology, engineering and environmental geology, geochemistry, geodesy, etc, the disciplines are united in how these are applied to increase our understanding of the conditions and processes within the earth system. Geoscientists study earth processes through a combination of laboratory experiments, computational and theoretical modeling, remote imaging, and direct observation. The programme therefore is expected to respond to the needs of the students’ career development, the dynamic nature of the subject and of course the needs of the society.

Dr Opara A.I.

Dr Alexander Iheanyichukwu Opara

Head of Department, Geology
Email: alexander.opara@futo.edu.ng
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