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I welcome you to the revised edition of the Mathematics brochure covering detailed information about the department and especially provide a reviewed curriculum to be

Industrial Mathematics was one of the programs which took off right from the inception of the University in October 1981.  It was under the administration of a Co-coordinator who worked under the supervision of the Director of Physical Sciences programs in the School of Natural and Applied Sciences (SNAS).  This later became the School of Earth, Minerals and Natural Sciences (SEMNS).

Following the National Universities Commission’s (NUC) seminar held in Kaduna in September 1988 on courses offered by the Federal Universities of Technology in the country and the subsequent decision of the University in 1988, to operate a departmental structure, the new Department of Mathematics and Computer Science was empowered by Senate to award B.Tech. Degree (Mathematics and Computer Science) with options in Pure Mathematics, Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science as approved by the NUC conference in Kaduna.

The various courses for these options as offered were also discussed and approved by NUC.  In 2007, NUC came on a resource verification visit to split the former Department of Mathematics and Computer Science into three Departments namely: Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics.  The visit was successful and its outcome was the emergence of a full-fledged Department of Mathematics.

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