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The Science Laboratory Technology is a multifaceted dynamic programme designed to equip students with broad and balanced foundation having the co-terminus objective of imparting theoretical knowledge as well as exposing them to captivating technical, entrepreneurial and practical skills in the various facets of laboratory technology. Department of Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) in Federal University of Technology, Owerri, is a five year programme, with option areas for now in Chemistry/Biochemistry, Geology/Mining, Microbiology/Virology and Physics/Electronics.

Our Curriculum is built on the major tenets of Science Laboratory Technology and in accordance with the National Universities Commission (NUC) Basic Academic Standards (BMAS). Through a combination of practical experience and academic rigour, our programmes in Science Laboratory Technology prepare graduates and equip them with the required knowledge and skills.

The objectives of the Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) honours degree programme in Science Laboratory Technology are as follows:

  1. To develop and offer academic or professional programmes leading to awards of degrees and postgraduate diplomas which emphasize practical and productive skills in Science Laboratory Technology.
  2. To produce a balanced and broad based laboratory technology graduates possessing sufficient theoretical knowledge with versatile and innovative practical skills to face the challenges of our nations’ technical problems
  3. To provide and promote sound basic science technology training as a foundation for the development of applied sciences and technology taking into account our indigenous diversity and the need to enhance national unity
  4. To act as agents and catalysts of development through postgraduate training, research and innovation in Science Laboratory Technology for effective and economic utilization, exploitation and conservation of the country’s natural, economic and human resources.
  5. To encourage advancement of learning and to hold out to all persons without distinction of race, creed, sex or political conviction opportunity of acquiring higher education in Science Laboratory Technology.
  6. To identify scientific and technological problems and needs of the society and to find solutions to them within the context of overall national development.
  7. To offer to the general population as a forum of public service the results of training and research in laboratory technology and to promote the practical application of these results.

At successful conclusion of the B. Tech programme, graduating students are inducted into the profession by the Institute of Science Laboratory Technology of Nigeria. The induction makes them licensed professionals in the field of Science Laboratory Technology. Thereafter, they proceed for one year mandatory National Youth Service.


Sylvia O Anyadoh-Nwadike

Dr Sylvia O. Anyadoh-Nwadike

Email: sylvia.anyadohnwadike@futo.edu.ng; slt@futo.edu.ng
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