Comr. Timothy Eberechukwu (GCSS)

Comr. Timothy Eberechukwu (GCSS)

SUG President (2019-2020)

Success doesn’t come to those who dream of it, rather those who work for it.

The institution is a process that will refine your personality and define your objectivity.

So, make the maximum use of the process to develop and improve yourself in all facet of life.

Don’t just be academically minded, rather use the privilege to create a network of friends of related Value, because they are the ones you will build your castle with when you leave school.

“Now is the time, let me do my best, to work is mine and to God, I leave the rest”.

Do your best, and be the best.

Yours in Struggle

Comr. Timothy Eberechukwu (GCSS)
SUG President, FUTO.
(2019/2020 Session)