Report of Elders Forum on ASUU Crisis in FUTO

The happenings in ASUU-FUTO have brought disquiet in the University community and any well-meaning member of the community should be very concerned. It is to this end that the Elders Forum has taken it up to seek lasting peace as the present imbroglio if allowed to fester will be an ill wind that will do nobody any good.

The Elders Forum is made up of the following:

  1. Prof. CD Okereke (Chairman)
  2. 2. Prof. R N Nwabueze
  3. Prof. I C Ndukwe
  4. 4. B 0 Esonu
  5. 5. N Okeudo
  6. Prof. K B Oyoh
  7. Prof. RUche
  8. 8. E C Esenwah
  9. 9. J S Orebiyi
  10. Prof. CAMadu
  11. 11. Prof. N AA Okereke
  12. Prof. I J Ogoke

It is common knowledge that productivity is best served in the atmosphere of peace and tranquility. In order to resolve the present crisis, the Forum has therefore interacted with the: Vice-Chancellor; ASUU-FUTO Executive Committee; Group of Concerned Academics; Past and present ASUU-FUTO Chairpersons. In as much as the Forum was not out to determine who is guilty, it was necessary to identify the remote and immediate causes of the present problem, and proffer what should be done either by individuals, or groups to rekindle the atmosphere of comradeship in FUTO. Click here to read more