Dr. Stanley Uchenna ONWUDIKE

Dr. Stanley Uchenna ONWUDIKE

Senior Lecturer

B. Agric.Tech., MSc., PhD



Dr Onwudike Stanley has attended many local and international conferences and presented quality research papers. He has served as LOC member in many local and internal conferences as well as a rappatuer. He is an Editorial Board member in some reputable Journal and a reviewer for many high impact factor Journals. He has taught, examined and supervised many undergraduate and postgraduate students. Dr Onwudike has served as a resource  person on the use of TEEAL in research among FUTO Postgraduate Studies.Currently, Dr. Onwudike is the Managing Editor of FUTO Journal Series. Dr, S.U Onwudike is happily married to Mrs. Zita Onwudike (2348030985594). Dr Onwudike Stanley has taught many undergraduate and postgraduate courses. He has supervised many undergraduate and post graduate students. Dr Onwudike is the managing editor of  FUTO Journal Online Series and has served as LOC member for many International Coferences in Nigeria. Dr Onwudike has served as resource person on the use of TEEAL in Research among FUTO Postgraduate Studies and served as reviewer, Net Journal of Agricultural Science and other internal Journals.

Academic Qualification

  1. B. Agric Technology (Soil Science) —————————2000
  2. M.Sc. (Soil fertility and fertilizer Technology ————— 2006
  3. Ph. D. (Soil fertility and Technology) ————————- 2015


  1. FUTO Scholar Scheme award as best undergraduate student in the Department for 1995 / 1996, 1996 / 1997, 1997 / 1998 Academic Sessions
  2. Best graduating student Dosnet Computer College Sokoto, 2002


  • Registered Soil Scientist, Nigerian Institute of Soil Science
  • Member, Soil Science Society of Nigeria
  • Member, International Union of Soil Science
  • Member, Agricultural Society of Nigeria
  • Member, Organic Agriculture Project in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria

Courses Assigned to Teach

  1. SST 202 —-Introduction/ Principles to Soil Science
  2. AGR 205 —- Agricultural Chemistry
  3. SST 409 —- Plant Nutrition
  4. SST 505. —– Soil chemistry
  5. SST 501 —– Soil Microbiology
  6. SST 302 —— Soil and water conservation
  7. SST 710 —– Fertilizer Technology and Soil Testing
  8. SST 704 —- Field experimentation and biometry
  9. SST 815—— Advanced Soil fertility
  10. SST 812 — Soil and plant analysis
  11. SST 820 —- Tropical soil
  12. SST 817—— Advanced Soil Microbiology
  13. SST 921 —– Advanced Techniques in soil and plant analysis


  • Lecturer, Department of Soil Science and Tehcnology, FUTO (2009 – Date)
  • Associate Editor, FUTO Journal Online Serie (2016 – 2020)
  • LOC member, Internal Conference on Gender and Millenium Development in Nigeria 2013
  • Reviewer, Net Journal of Agricultural Science (2017)   

Research Interest

Soil infertility and degradation has been a major constrain militating against food productivity in Southeastern Nigeria.  Dr. Onwudike Stanley (specialist in soil fertility and fertilizer Technology) has over the years been researching on ways of improving the fertility and productivity of a degraded Ultisol. This he has done by evaluating the efficacy of different solid wastes of both plant and animal origin on soil physicochemical properties and growth performances of some tropical crops. He has also examined the impact of organic wastes on the mitigation of climate change through carbon sequestration. Currently Dr Onwudike is evaluating the effect of tree plantations the soil fertility, carbon sequestration and macronutrient dynamics.   He is an active member of many societal organizations (National and International) as well as member of a research team of Soil Science and Technology, Federal University of Technology Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.


Selected Publications

  1. Onwudike, S.U. and V.C. Edoziem. 2020. Variations in soil properties and forms of inorganic phosphorus within the rhizosphere of annual crops. Sarhad Journal of Agriculture, 36(1): 359-366
  2. Onwudike S. U, Ugwuanyi A. K, Nkwopara U. N, , Ahukaemere C. M. and Umeojiakor A. O, 2019. Properties and Aggregate Stability of Soils of Dissimilar Lithology under Land Use Systems in Imo State, Nigeria. Journal of Applied Sciences, 19: 459-465.
  3. Onwudike, Stanley Uchenna and Mbonu, Vincent. Contribution of agricultural wastes on soil aggregation, soil properties and yield of maize on acidic soil . Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science. 3(1): 13 – 26
  4. Onwudike, S. U., Agbani, L., Ihem, E. E., and Onyegbule U. Influence of Land Use Types on Soil Properties and Micronutrient Concentrations on Soils of Similar Lithology in Owerri, Southeastern Nigeria. MAYFEB Journal of Agricultural Science, Vol 4 Pages 1-9.
  5. Onwudike, S. U, Igbozurike, C. I , Ihem, E. E ., Osisi F. A. , Ukah, C. Quantification of Heavy Metals using Contamination and Pollution Index in Selected Refuse Dumpsites in Owerri, Imo State Southeast Nigeria. International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology (IJEAB); 2(3):1202 – 1208
  6. Onwudike, S. U, Onweremadu, E. U, Ihem, E. E, Agim, L.C, Osisi, A. F, Osuaku, S. K and Azuh, P. O. 2016. Evaluation of micronutrient status of soils under three land use types in Oyigbo, River State Nigeria FUTO Journal Series. 2(1): 32 – 40
  7. Onwudike, S.U, Uzoho, B.U., Ihem, E.E, Ahukaemere, C.M., Nkwopara, U., Irokwe, I. F., and Echeanyanwu, G.I.2016. Evaluation of the fertility status of selected soils in Mbaise, Imo State Southeastern Nigeria using nutrient index method Agrosearch Journal, a university based Journal of University of Illorin Nigeria. 16(1): 75 – 86
  8. U. Onwudike, B. U. Uzoho, B. N. Ndukwu, I. U. Opara, O. C.  Anyamele . 2016. Soil Carbon and Nitrogen stock as affecting by agricultural wastes in  a typichaplusult of Owerri, Southeastern Nigeria, Turkish Journal of Agriculture – Food Science and Technology, 4(7): 592-599,
  9. Onwudike, S. U., Asawalam, D. O and. Ano, A. O. Effect of Selected agro-wastes on soil carbon stock and yield of cocoyam in an acidic soil of Owerri, Southeastern Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Soil and Environmental Research, 13: 124 – 134.
  10. Onwudike, S. U., Asawalam, D. O., Ano, A. O and Anikwe, M. A. N. Comparative Evaluation of Burnt and Unburnt agro-Wastes on Soil Properties Growth and yield of Cocoyam (Colocasiaesculenta) in a Humid Environment. Nigerian Journal of Soil Science, pp 1 – 17
  11. Onwudike, S. U. Effect of land use types on Vulnerability potential and degradation rate of soils of similar lithology in a tropical soil of Owerri, Southeastern Nigeria International Journal of Soil Science. 10 (4): 177-185
  12. Stanley Uchenna Onwudike. 2010. Effectiveness of Cow Dung and Mineral Fertilizer on Soil Properties, Nutrient Uptake and Yield of Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas) in Southeastern Nigeria. Asian Journal of Agric. Research, 4 (3): 148 – 154.

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