Mr. Unegbu, Rapuruchukwu Nobert

Mr. Unegbu, Rapuruchukwu Nobert

assistant lecturer



After my primary and secondary education, I started my university education at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO) – a frontline federal university of technology in Nigeria. At FUTO, I obtained a B.Tech in Environmental Technology in 2008. After working as an HSE Officer in the oil services industry, I returned to FUTO for my MSc and obtained an MSc in Geo-Environmental Technology in 2016. After MSc studies, I worked as an HSE Supervisor in the construction industry. In 2019 I returned to FUTO, where I currently work as an Assistant Lecturer, saddled with teaching, research and community development responsibilities.

I cherish the natural environment and have a penchant for preserving it, and hence was drawn to study about the environment in the university. My research interests are geared towards investigating and assessing the harmful impacts left on the environment as a result of man’s obnoxious activities, and devising/developing ways of ameliorating/remediating such harmful impacts.

I am a family man – married to Confidence Unegbu (Nee Osuji), and together we have a son. I practice Christianity, anchored on the Golden Rule taught by my Lord Jesus Christ: “do unto others what you want them to do unto you”. I love football and other sports like tennis, cycling and running, and I appreciate recreational activities as means of relaxing, connecting and re-connecting to people