Mrs. Onwuagba, Chinwe Grace

Mrs. Onwuagba, Chinwe Grace

Lecturer II

BSc., MSc.


  • Highly motivated, quality-driven and result oriented individual.
  • Strong communication skills, with proven ability to present complex ideas in a simple way.
  • Strong analytic skills and open-minded to opinions and constructive criticism.
  • Adaptable to working in a challenging and fast-paced environment.
  • High Organizational skills.
Extensive co-operative approach in and inter/multidisciplinary team project

Academic Qualification

  1. BSc Microbiology, 24th May, 2010
  3. Ph.D (in View) FUTO





  • Member, Nigeria Society for Microbiology (NSM)
  • Member, Institute of Safety Professional of Nigeria (ISPON)
  • Member, Society for Environmental Health of Nigeria (SEHON)
  • Member, Biotechnology Society of Nigeria (BSN)
  • Member, Nigeria Environmental Society (NES)

Courses Assigned to Teach


   04TH JANUARY, 2012; TECHNOLOGIST and Grade 7/Step 5

Full Faculty Lecturer II, Environmental Management Department, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria


Research Interest

Bioremediation, Biomarkers for pollution detection, Water and wastewater treatment, Environmental Toxicology, Waste management and pollution control 



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