Dr Chilaka Emmanuel Nwaimo

Dr Chilaka Emmanuel Nwaimo

Senior Lecturer

PhD Financial/Industrial Economics,  M.Sc Quantitative Economics,  B.Sc Economics


Dr Chilaka Emmanuel Nwaimo hails from Umuchukwu Ndiokwu Lorji in Aboh Mbaise LGA of Imo State.  He is a senior lecturer in the department of Financial Management Technology, Federal University of Technology Owerri, Imo State. He received his first degree, Masters degree and PhD in Economics from prestigious  Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka. He has widely published in international journals and authored two textbooks; Basic principles of Economics and Applied Principles of Economics. A member of the Nigerian Economic Society. He is married to Barrister Jane Nwaimo with three Children. email: Chilaka.

Academic Qualification

  • PhD Financial/ Industrial Economics UNIZIK
  • M.Sc Quantitative Economics  UNIZIK
  • B.Sc Economics UNIZIK
  • MGT 606 Operations Research
  • MGT 607 Applied Quantitative Techniques
  • FMT 621 Financial Market
  • FMT 609 Financial Management for Managers
  • PGM 603 Quantitative Business Techniques
  • FMT 220 Mathematics of Finance
  • FMT 201 Introduction to Finance
  • FMT 311 International Economics & Finance
  • ECN 201 Economics 1
  • FMT 309 Advance Mathematics of Finance

Work Experience

  • Federal University of Technology Owerri, Imo State, Department of Financial Management Technology, Senior 
    • Lecturer 2018  till date
    • Lecturer I– October 2015 to 2017
    • Lecturer II– October 2012 to 2014
    • Assistant Lecturer—- April 2009 – September 2012
  • Imo State University
    • Part-Time Lecturer, Department of Economics 2006-2009
  • Rivers Vegetable Oil Company, Oil Movement Supervisor 1999-2001

Research Interest

  • Public Finance & Corporate Finance


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